Sam Bankman-Fried "Bribed" CCP Officials But "Invested" in US Media
This Week in Media - Friday, March 10, 2023
The media flips on lab leak; Fox News takes a hit, the public shrugs.
A crazy week of cockups and dress-downs. Plus AI's lengthening shadow.
The Burning Castle Podcast: Founder Zach Obront on Harnessing Curiosity for Radical Career Change Listen now (49 min) | Zach Obront is co-founder of Scribe Media, a company he and his partner, Tucker Max, built into a category-creating business. From…
The media's narrative-driven losing streak continues.
The Burning Castle: Somali-American Actor Sharmaarke Mohamed on Finding Freedom in CreativityÉcoutez maintenant (49 min) | Sharmaarke Mohamed was born in a country where virtually all of the things we taken for granted—food and water, education…
Media's Jewish problem extends far beyond Kanye West.
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